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Trailer security Locks

Thatchams pioneering work in this field, in a collaboration with vehicle and security manufactures, together with the police has brought abiyt a major reduction in UK vehicle and plant crime. The Thatchcam security security testing regime is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world and acts as a model for crime prevention efforts internationally.

Every new device assessed by Thatcham is subject to a set of stringent security tests the assessment requires the manufatureer to complete an application form describing the security system. Thatchcam then conducts attack tests on the new device and laboratory tests on the security system’s components. The attack tests include

Although some plant manufacturers are fitting efficient secutity systems to some items as option or standard fit, the majority of Agricultural and construction in use today have little or no protection against thest.

There is much that can be done to secure unprotected plant and reduce its risk to theft such as :

  • Registration of plant to CESAR
  • Remove vulnerable plant form site (or securely lock it) when not in use.
  • Remind all drivers / operatives to use the security measures available.
  • Good key security
  • Clear idenctification of the owner by use of company livery.
  • Keep accurate records of plant
  • Plant users should take advantage of using after – market security systems and devices to prevent theft of individual items
  • Physical restraints
  • Hydraulic locks
  • Immobilisation systems preventing movement of vehicle.
  • After theft tracking systems.
  • Although not necessarily appropriate in every situation, all available options relevant to a piece of plant should be applied wherever possible.